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Hello! I'm Julie.


I'm excited for the opportunity to be your next Town council member.  I love Vienna and am committed to public service and providing thoughtful leadership to make our town a better place to live.  Please take a moment to check out my platform, experience, education, and some questions and answers that will explain why I'm running and what sets me apart from other candidates.  I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns.  Please email me at julieforvienna@gmail.com


I am passionate about tackling the Town’s transportation problems.

We must address the town's traffic concerns, and pedestrian and bicycle safety and access in all areas of Vienna.  Our children should feel safe walking to school and citizens should enjoy walking or biking to our local businesses and Town events.  At the same time, we must be proactive in addressing congestion along Maple Avenue.


I would like to protect our residential neighborhoods and enhance the Town's small town character through thoughtful, strategic development - especially related to efforts to revitalize Maple Avenue.  An overarching vision is critical, but it must be supported by sound, specific policy and guidelines that carefully consider Vienna’s unique footprint.


The role of a council member is to listen to the concerns of her constituents and provide leadership that translates into meaningful action to improve the Town and the lives of its citizens.  Promoting good governance is critical to effective leadership. I will bring a good governance approach to Town Council, with a focus on transparency, citizen input, and building effective partnerships.


Community Service and Volunteerism

Transportation Safety Commission

As a commissioner on the Transportation Safety Commission, I evaluate and vote on citizen petition requests for sidewalks, traffic calming, traffic control, and crosswalks.  The Transportation Safety Commission is charged with ensuring pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists can move safely throughout Town.  I am leading the update of the petition process (currently located in the Town's Traffic Calming Guide) to make it a more transparent, objective, and user-friendly experience. 

Pedestrian Advisory Committee


The Pedestrian Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Transportation Safety Commission and Town Council regarding improvements to our Town's pedestrian network, including enhancing pedestrian safety, access, and amenities.  As Chair of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee, I led the Pedestrian Master Plan development, which involved extensive analysis and benchmarking, coordination with staff and Town officials, and communication with citizens to ensure feedback was thoughtfully considered.  The Pedestrian Master Plan was adopted by Town Council in 2017.

Vienna Elementary School
Safe Routes to School Coordinator

I serve as the Safe Routes to School coordinator for Vienna Elementary School and manage the Walk / Bike Challenge Week for local elementary schools.  This event is held every spring across Vienna to encourage walking and biking to school.  

Professional Experience

Booz Allen Hamilton

Policy Analyst

Wiley Rein LLP


As Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, I led a team focused on providing policy analysis and recommendations for federal government clients in the defense and homeland security community.  My work included rigorous policy planning, strategy development, and stakeholder engagement.  Building relationships that fostered collaboration and constructive feedback channels was critical to successful policy implementation.

I supported the litigation, employment and labor, and bankruptcy practices by conducting research and case analysis, as well as developing, cite checking, and filing documents for state and federal court proceedings.  I maintained and organized litigation materials for leading partners of the firm and volunteered at the DC Bar Pro Bono clinic.

Carnegie Mellon University

Master's Degree

MS, Public Policy and Management

George Mason University

Bachelor's Degree

BA, Government

What inspired you to run?

When I learned Council member Carey Sienicki would not be running, I saw an opportunity to bring a fresh and qualified voice to Town Council.  As a native Virginian and a mother of three who can think of no better place to raise my family, I am passionate about public service and ensuring our community is walkable, bikeable, and livable.


Based on my policy background and experience serving the town on the Transportation Safety Commission and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, I understand the issues and concerns of citizens who want to maintain Vienna's small-town feel. I believe it can be both a vibrant and attractive place for those who grew up here as well as those beginning to plant roots.

What are the issues you most care about?

I envision a town where our children feel safe walking to school, our citizens enjoy walking and biking worry-free to local businesses and Town events, and motorists travel along Maple Avenue free of abysmal traffic conditions. 


I will promote thoughtful and sustainable development along Maple Avenue that protects our residential neighborhoods while also supporting a vibrant local, small business-oriented economy.  I will support efforts to create more public green spaces, plant and protect large shade trees throughout Town, and bury our power lines. 


I share concerns about residential development and its impact on our local schools. I would like to improve the Town’s relationships with Fairfax County Public Schools so that we can develop a strategy that accommodates projected growth and keeps class sizes down.  

What do you see as success in your first year?

In working with Town Council and staff, along with Town boards and commissions, I would like to create an implementation plan that identifies resources and concrete steps toward implementing the Town's Pedestrian Master Plan, which includes goals to increase sidewalks and provide high-quality, safe, and convenient pedestrian access and facilities. 


I intend to promote a "Bring Maples Back to Maple" vision, which could be a partnership between the Town and developers and would aim to create a canopy of large trees along Maple Avenue to bring back our main thoroughfare's identity and small town feel.  I will focus on ensuring the MAC Zone rewrite is completed and implemented in a way that adapts to feedback and creates a more resilient community. 

During my term, I will focus on ensuring our Town Code and Comprehensive Plan updates (the key documents that give us the ability to formulate and implement policy) are tackled with a strategic and transparent approach.  I will support changes to Town boards and commissions that will allow them to be more proactive and strategic in nature.  I will also evaluate Town processes to ensure they promote ground up, interactive involvement from citizens.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

Thoughtful and sustainable development begins with rigorous, detailed planning and policy.  For the past five years, I’ve served on the Town's Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Transportation Safety Commission. As Chair of the Pedestrian Advisory Committee, I led the effort to develop the Town's Pedestrian Master Plan and I am leading the Town's Traffic Calming Guide update.


I have a firm grasp of Town policy, how to effect positive change, and the level of commitment required to get things done. I’ve built a reputation of providing leadership and strategic thinking to make Vienna a better place to live. I am experienced in rolling up my sleeves and conducting the due diligence required to make informed decisions. With a master's degree in public policy, significant work history, and strong record of Town service, I will bring a fresh and qualified voice to Town Council.


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Julie Hays





Vienna Community Center

120 Cherry Street SE

Vienna, VA 22180

6am - 7pm

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